Our era is marked by the immediacy of images, stories, and 6-second videos. For many, this is all they will leave behind for their family, friends, or the world. We believe this does not have to be the case. That's why we want to democratize what was previously reserved for kings, famous or wealthy individuals: the biography.

Technological advancements related to artificial intelligence (GPT-4, OpenAI Whisper, etc.) present an opportunity for everyone to write and share the significant events of their lives with their loved ones.

For this, the book is the best medium. Writing a biography allows us to slow down and reflect on ourselves. Putting the journey into words is a form of therapy for the mind, a way to live better.

It's also a way to tell the story of one's relationship, family, or a loved one who has unfortunately passed away.

We create a connection between generations, a family or community narrative for future generations.

By making the intersection of all these daily lives legible and visible, we hope to tell the extraordinary, ordinary story of humanity.
With the desire that this will make it better.